JAN 28 2016

Uncover secrets of old-fashioned Replica Rolex movements

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8Bill movement factory is the only one subordinated to Rolex watch which is not located in Geneva. It is a factory specialized in studying and developing how to produce the movement parts and assemble the watch. Here is the heart of Rolex and it is also an area of origin of Rolex core technology.

The core technology of watch movement

Compared to other premium brands, functional selection of Rolex is indeed very little, especially complex functions. The swiss replica rolex watch has neither the Tourbillon nor calendar. It has only three pin, three pins dates, three weeks, dual time and timing code. And Prince is the only one style which includes a transparent bottom cover. However, this is Rolex. It does not need complex functions or big movements, but everything it does is aimed at the goal of practice, accuracy and everything can also make a great difference to the market.

Because Bill movement factory is still in the expansion and it won’t be completed until 2012, this is the only factory that we cannot visit. However, we also received the views of how to develop the movements from many stakeholders in the process.For example, the most prestigious replica rolex daytona 4130 movement has to be made of the Chronograph which is stable, easy –to- be- maintained with anti-aging gear, and simple structure in the early development. Finally, Rolex 4130 movement patented not only the timing structure, but also hairspring (later the Parachrom), clasp and waterproof Crown.

Important movements of Rolex watch

All the Rolex movement and even all the components of Rolex movements are assembled in the Bill factory.Parachrom was studied since 1993,but it was used in the actual operation of 4130 movement until 2000. It mainly added niobium, zirconium and oxygen elements, and the quake-proof and suspension increased by 10 times, which is greatly helpful to the accuracy of the watch.