NOV 26 2015

The new Rolex watch made by the Bill factory is truth in the twenty-first Century

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18In October 16, 2012, new plant of Bill movement manufacturing was completed in the city Alex. This is a very modern movement of the total floor area of 92000 square meters, with a total volume of 400000 cubic meters, of which the new plant volume of 230000 cubic meters.

On the same day, member of the Swiss Federal Council (Ministry of economic affairs chief, Johann Schneider-Ammann, Canton of Bern executive committee chairman Andreas Rickenbacher, and bill Byrne state senator Hans mayor Erich Fehr, with political clout and business people attended the inauguration ceremony. At the end of the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, rolex swiss replica watches company guests and friends of the media to show the new movement manufacturing, Rolex will in the perfect combination of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology of high value-added.

Efficient production

The production of all movement in a new manufacturing is conducive to improve production efficiency and productivity, improve the production and operation, and optimize the allocation of personnel and material. Bill manufacturing is a huge and efficient automated warehouse system. This fully automatic system has more than 46000 storage grid. It can be safely stored parts and finished products, and through 22 transceiver stations and up to 1.2 km of conveyor belt will be part of the rapid delivery to the workshop. The architectural style of the new building is simple, the structure is rigorous, to provide staff with spacious and bright working environment. Enough natural light through the lighting to enter the building and the lighting of the courtyard of the design inspiration is from the movement structure. New manufacturing has a top landscape restaurant and a number of employees rest place.

The whole process of Brand production

The complete of Bill’s new manufacturing, marking the Rolex successfully completed the strategic planning for 10 years, integration to witness an important part of production, the production process completely in the Rolex grasp. Rolex through four newly built or rebuilt of manufacturing (three in Geneva, one in the Bill), internal control case, movement, surface and bracelet all watches are important parts in production. This very forward-looking strategy not only ensures that rolex cellini replica watches┬ácan be independently produced, but also has the incomparable productivity.