DEC 08 2015

Rolex Submariner 116610LV watches

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3Rolex Submariner Series of 116610LV green dial plate watches also called: “green ghost”, this watch first launched in 2010, and the feature of this watch is the watch-surface use PVD technology plate a “green gold” coating, but the material of green gold material is a secret. Brave and outstanding appearance design is a prodigious innovates for Rolex. Since the green ghost published, this watch become one the hottest watches of Rolex. But this rolex submariner replica watches just published a batch, the next batch is replaced by black water ghost watch which has same function and appearance as green water ghost. So this reason make green water ghost has strong collection value, If there is a green water ghost appear right in front of you, don’t hesitant to purchase it.

The material of 116610LV green water ghost is 904L stainless steel and has strong corrosion resistance, and the watch mirror make with sapphire crystal glass which has abrasive resistance. The dial plate of green water ghost is hard to rein for most people, but for the people who pursue the fashion and has unique personality is very worth to collect.

Calendar: At the surface of blue crystal gem add a little window convex lens display and momentary change calendar display. At the moment of 0 o’clock skip the date immediately. Coordinate the little window convex lens let the date presented clearly and concisely in front of the user. One of the features of this watch is changing the date instantaneously.

Rotation type of watch bezel: match with one-way rotation type of outer ring and also indicate the scale at the outer ring, the clockwise rotation watch bezel make the triangle scale alignment the minute hand, and use the scale display to count the land time.

Waterproof: The watchcase can make the waterproof of this watch as deep as 300m, and also make this watch become the first choice for outdoor sport and dive.

Phosphor coating: Both of the scale and pointer covered with phosphor coatings which make people can see the time clearly even in the dark night or deep seabed. The one-way rotation types of dial plate match with accurate scale display make count the jet lag become more conveniently.

This watch carry with classical 3135 full automatic mechanical movement which is the most common of swiss replica rolex watches. The watch keeps good time, the cochain system also save some problems for wearer. But people should wear this watch more than eight hours every day to reserve enough kinetic energy.